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January 2016

CNN Indonesia – January 28, 2016

Yohannie Linggasari, Jakarta – Workers from a number of different communities demonstrated in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta today demanding that an Indonesian migrant worker named Rita

November 2015

Solidarity Net – November 25, 2015

Malaysia – Indonesian migrant workers (BMI) working in Malaysia have joined in opposing Government Regulation (PP) Number 78/2015 on Wages with posters reading, “We as workers in Malaysia reject th

July 2011

Democratic Student Front (FMD) – July 1, 2011

Democracy in South-East Asia is currently under attack.

News/Malaysia – July 1, 2011

Ari Saputra, Jakarta – The Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta has been ‘attacked en masse’ by scores of labour and youth activists condemning the arrest of 30 Malaysian Socialist Party (

May 2011

KPRM-PRD – May 16, 2011

Dear comrades,

News/Malaysia – May 5, 2011

E Mei Amelia R, Jakarta – Indonesian police arrested three Malaysian citizens in relation to the 18th ASEAN Summit in Jakarta on May 7-8.