1965 & Anti-Communist Purge

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November 2017

BBC Indonesia – November 16, 2017

Heyder Affan – A number of locations in the vicinity of Purwodadi, Central Java, have been confirmed as sites of mass grave, places where bodies were disposed of and sites where people accused of b

October 2017

CNN Indonesia – October 24, 2017

Bimo Wiwoho, Jakarta – The chairperson of the Institute for the Study of the 1965-1966 Massacres (YPKP 65), Bedjo Untung, claims that they have found 10 new mass grave sites containing the bodies o

BBC Indonesia – October 19, 2017

Abraham Utama – The Indonesian Military (TNI) says that it will not changes its policies or views on the September 30 Movement (G30S) in 1965 regardless of the release of 39 secret US documents tha

Detik News – October 18, 2017

Erwin Dariyanto, Jakarta – Following the September 30 Movement (G30S) movement in 1965 there were tensions between the military and then Indonesian President Sukarno.

CNN Indonesia – October 18, 2017

Joko Panji Sasongko, Jakarta – Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu says he will meet with the US Secretary of State to request an explanation about the publication of secret documents related to the

CNN Indonesia – October 18, 2017

Riva Dessthania Suastha, Jakarta – The Indonesian government will check the validity and accuracy of scores of recently declassified US documents on the September 30 Movement affair in 1965 and the

Mojok – October 2, 2017

Dandhy Dwi Laksono – As in the case of the song Genjer-Genjer which was composed by M.

September 2017

Kompas – September 23, 2017

Man: ‘Red Coat!’ Don’t ever forget history! (Road reads ‘September 30 Movement’, ‘Truth’, ‘Political manipulation’, ‘History’)

Kompas.com – September 23, 2017

Estu Suryowati, Jakarta – The film Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI has again become the subject of public discussion after TNI (Indonesian military) chief General Gatot Nurmantyo proposed the idea