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December 2004

Tempo Interactive – December 24, 2004

Jakarta – The head of the Aceh desk at the ministry of politics, legal and security affairs, Police Inspector General Demak Lubis, says that the operation to restore security in Aceh is going well.

News/Aceh – December 9, 2004

Nala Edwin, Jakarta – The People’s Lawyers Union (Serikat Pengacara Rakyat, SPR) has launched a class action against President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of 9.02 trillion rupiah for failing to repeal

Sinar Harapan – December 3, 2004

Banda Aceh – In the lead up to the anniversary of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) security forces in Aceh have forbidden people from joining in the celebrations.

November 2004

Sinar Harapan – November 29, 2004

Jakarta – A conflict over palm oil business interests is suspected to have been the trigger behind the armed clash between TNI (armed forces) troops and the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) in the village o

News/Aceh – November 28, 2004

Arin Widiyanti, Jakarta – President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is to be sued by 4.1 million Acehnese people on the grounds that his broke his campaign promise by extending the civil emergency in Aceh

Tempo Interactive – November 27, 2004

Imran MA, Jakarta – As many as 25 TNI (armed forces) officers from the Karma Bhakti Infantry Battalion, Rifle Company B in East Aceh have been found to have violated the code of discipline.

Tempo Interactive – November 27, 2004

Imran MA, Lhokseumawe – The body of a Mobile Brigade (Brimob) officer from a Brimob post in the village of Seuneubok Aceh in the Idi Rayeuk sub-district of East Aceh who was killed in an attack by

News/Aceh – November 27, 2004

Nur Raihan, Banda Aceh – President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono says that the extension of the civil emergency in Aceh is necessary if only to maintain continuity and to provide space for a just and di

News/Aceh – November 20, 2004

Fedhly Averouss Bey, Jakarta – The extension of the civil emergency in Aceh will not resolve the problems in the province. On the contrary it is an a-historical policy.