Austerity & Privatisation

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August 2010

Antara News – August 7, 2010

Surabaya – As many as 180 students, workers and urban poor activists from 12 organisations in the East Java cities of Surabaya, Mojokerto and Madiun held a protest action in Surabaya on Saturday Au

Viva News – August 7, 2010

Umi Kalsum, Eko Huda S – Around 700 people held a protest action against the recent basic electricity rate (TDL) increases in front of the State Palace on Jl.

News/Indonesia – August 7, 2010

Iwan, Jakarta – The evil conspiracy to increase the basic electricity rate (TDL) will impact on the price of basic commodities, particularly food, further burdening the lives of the poor.

News/Indonesia – August 7, 2010

Bagus Kurniawan, Yogyakarta – Scores of people held a protest action opposition the recent increases in basic electricity rates (TDL) and the price of LPG gas canisters in the Central Java city of

July 2010

Kompas – July 14, 2010

Man: The rice-reform order (era) huh? – report nasi (difficulties buying rice), a play on the word reform[n]asi (political reform).

Signs read: Going up. Going up.

Okezone – July 12, 2010

Rheza Andhika Pamungkas, Jakarta – Around 80 workers from the Indonesian Labour Movement Union (PPBI) held a demonstration today demanding the cancellation of basic electricity rate (TDL) hikes tha

June 2010

News/Indonesia – June 16, 2010

Yogyakarta – Activists from the Student Struggle Centre for National Liberation (Pembebasan, formerly LMND-PRD) opposing planned increases to the basic electricity rate (TDL) next July held an acti