Intolerance & Racial or Ethnic Discrimination

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October 2017

Kompas – October 18, 2017

Having pledged to put aside the religious and ethnic divisions which paved the way for his victory in the Jakarta elections, newly inaugurated Jakarta Governor Anies Baswaden (left, Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno on right) has instead began his term by triggering a storm of criticism after declaring in a speech that it was time for pribumi (indigenous Indonesians) ‘to be the hosts in our

August 2017

Kompas – August 19, 2017

Man: Democracy gone too far?

Kid: They’re high on drugs Dad...

Politicians: Freedom. Suits read: Fake news, utter nonsense, blasphemers, provocateur, accusations and judgments, sewing divisions.

July 2017

Tempo – July 14, 2017

Wulan Nova/Elik S, Jakarta – The Alumni 212 Presidium has held a protest march from the Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque to the offices of the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) to lodge a complete over a case involving Indonesian Unity Party (Perindo) chairperson Hary Tanoesoedibjo.

June 2017

Viva News – June 25, 2017

Dedy Priatmojo, Daru Waskita (Yogyakarta) – There was an unusual sight during the 1438th Idul Fitri prayers at the Wonosari Square in the Gunungkidul regency of Yogyakarta province, Central Java, on the morning of Sunday June 25. The congregation dispersed in the middle of a sermon by mosque preacher Ikhsan Nuriansyah Bajuri.

April 2017

Kompas – April 14, 2017

Kid: Sectarianism, intolerance, for the sake of power... (Syringe reads ‘Anti-diversity’).

Man: This political virus has already poisoned our children!

March 2017

Kompas – March 18, 2017

Kid: A barometer of Indonesia democrazy

Chair reads ‘Jakarta election round II’, fire reads ‘Terror, sectarian politics’, hose reads ‘The law’.

January 2017

Ibnu Rusyd – January 9, 2017

1st Man: What you cooking up brother, it really stinks?

2nd Man: Don't worry, I'll add this later and it'll cover the smell...

Bottle reads: 'Religion', pot reads: 'Corruption, sectarian issues, power struggles'

"If you want to control stupid people, just cover something forbidden with a religious package" – Ibnu Rusyd