PKI & Anti-Communism

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October 2006

News/Indonesia – October 5, 2006

Try, Jakarta – Who knows if it’s just for fun or has a political purpose, but T-shirts with a picture of the hammer and sickle (the symbol of the Indonesian Communist Party or PKI) are circulating

April 2006

News/Indonesia – April 18, 2006

Ken Yunita, Jakarta – The appearance of Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) paraphernalia and symbols is natural and can be understood because the Constitutional Court has already declared that former

March 2006

News/Indonesia – March 21, 2006

Ahmad Dani, Jakarta – Although they have not found any presence of a communist threat, the TNI (Indonesian military) is still keeping on guard against the latent danger of communism in Jakarta.

News/Indonesia – March 7, 2006

M. Rizal Maslan, Jakarta – Jakarta military commander Major General Agustadi Sasongko Purnomo is asking the public to be on guard against the reemergence of the communist movement.