Regional & Special Autonomy

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November 2011

Cartoons/West Papua
Kompas – November 12, 2011

Man (bottom left): Image building?

May 2011

Kompas – May 14, 2011

Kid: Yogya gudeg (a traditional Yogyakarta dish) is delicious Mr... how come you’re rummaging about in it again!

Man: They’re just creating new problems for themselves...

January 2011

News/West Papua
CyberNews – January 28, 2011

Yogyakarta – The special autonomy that has been in effect in Papua since 2001 is not working in accordance the hopes of the indigenous people there.

News/West Papua – January 27, 2011

Yogyakarta – A group of Papuans in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta from the Anti-Colonial Movement (Ganja) held a protest action in the Jl. Malioboro area on Thursday January 27.

News/West Papua
Tempo Interactive – January 26, 2011

Jerry Omona, Jayapura – Thousands of Papuan occupied the Papua People’s Council (MRP) offices in the provincial capital of Jayapura on Wednesday January 26 demanding that the government cancel the