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February 2009

News/Indonesia – February 16, 2009

Parwito, Temanggung – Thousands of tobacco farmers throughout Central Java gathered at the Temanggung regency town square on Monday February 16 to hold a massive protest against the Indonesia Ulama Council (MUI) edict (fatwa) against smoking.

Tempo Interactive – February 13, 2009

Yogyakarta – Around 50 students from the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) campus’ Proselytizing Institutions Goodwill Forum held an action on February 13 opposing the celebration of Valentines Day claiming that it tarnishes the sanctity of love.

January 2009

Kompas – January 30, 2009

Jakarta – The Star Reform Party (PBR) is positioning itself as a religious party that is ‘socialistic’, by not accentuating religious symbols, but rather with a substance that sides with marginal groups. Such a position has not yet been taken up by any other Islamic parties.

News/Indonesia – January 21, 2009

Jakarta – According to Transparency International Indonesia (TII), the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) has become one of the institutions that most frequently accept bribes. Most of this alleged bribery is related to management of halal (kosher, permitted under Islam) certificates.

Kompas – January 12, 2009

Sleman – The demarcation between political parties labeled as Islamic and non-Islamic parties is becoming increasingly vague. This indicates that political identity is no longer an issue in the future national life of the country.