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December 2008

LMND-PRM – December 6, 2008

[The following is a statement from (the temporary) National Collective of National Student League For Democracy-The Politics of The Poor (Liga Mahasiswa Nasional untuk Demokrasi-Politik Rakyat Misk

November 2008

News/Indonesia – November 14, 2008

Jakarta – Around 100 people held a protest action in front of the United States Embassy in Central Jakarta on November 15 demanding that a G20 ministerial level meeting in Washington be dissolved.

News/Indonesia – November 6, 2008

Henni Marlina, Jakarta – Hundreds of demonstrators from the Workers Challenge Alliance (ABM) held a demonstration against a joint decree (SKB) signed by four ministers on wages.

May 2008

PPR – May 13, 2008

The battle drum of the Indonesian people’s resistance to the planned fuel price increases has been sounded – students, the urban poor, workers, farmers and women in every corner of the country are

April 2008

Working People's Association – April 23, 2008

[The following is a translation of a leaflet and poster being circulated by the Working People's Association (Perhimpunan Rakyat Pekerja, PRP) as part of a campaign by radical Indonesian trade unio