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April 2020

CNN Indonesia – April 3, 2020

Jakarta – Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) Coordinator Adnan Topan Husodo has criticised Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) Number 1/2020 on State Financial Policy and Financial System

December 2019

KBR – December 19, 2019

Adi Ahdiat, Jakarta – The government has a responsibility to advance public healthcare, enlighten national life and create social justice.

November 2019

Kompas – November 13, 2019

Scarecrow reads: legality, supervision. Crow reads: Rogue (government officials)

July 2019

KBR – July 4, 2019

Adi Ahdiat, Jakarta – Indonesia has tens of thousands of hectares conservation areas, both maritime as well as land. But the government’s budget for conservation and bio-diversity is limited.

KBR – July 1, 2019

Adi Ahdiat, Jakarta – The government has completed the next year’s draft budget for ministries and state institutions.

April 2018

Kumparan Bisnis – April 3, 2018

Political observer Faisal Basri has criticised the use of state foreign debt which according to the government narrative is being used to spur infrastructure development.

December 2017

Tempo – December 9, 2017

Antara, Jakarta – Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo says that the drafting of budgets at both the ministries, state institutions and regional bodies focus more on supporting activities rath

August 2016

Kompas – August 27, 2016

Man: An amnesty... Mr it sounds to me like it'll reduce me to poverty

Kid: He's confused

June 2016

Kompas – June 18, 2016

Kid: Again, and again and again...

April 2016

Kompas – April 30, 2016

Sign reads 'Welcome Tax Embezzlers', carpet reads 'Tax Amnesty'