Drunken Republic 2014

December 2014

Kompas – December 20, 2014

Kid: These politicians are statesmen too right Dad? (headline reads Rival National Congress, Rival Chairperson)

Kompas – December 17, 2014

Man: They make a big fuss when there’s a disaster, after that they forget about it

Kompas – December 15, 2014

From an op-ed piece titled Democracy in tatters at parliament.

Kompas – December 13, 2014

Kid: Political brawling... political dynamics... or oplosan Dad? (drum reads ‘Politics is the commander’)

Kompas – December 10, 2014

International Anti-Corruption Day was marked across the country Tuesday, with many calling for harsher sentences and the seizure of graft convict’s

Kompas – December 6, 2014

Kid: Once again... for the sake of humanity, who’s responsible Mr?

Man: The one up there!

Kompas – December 3, 2014

A power struggle inside Suharto’s former ruling party Golkar is seen as a proxy fight between New Order general Prabowo Subianto’s Red and White Co

November 2014

Kompas – November 29, 2014

Man: Consensus?

Kompas – November 26, 2014

A statement by the Association for Provincial Governments that they are ready to be sentenced to death if convicted of graft (evoking memories of t

Kompas – November 22, 2014

Man: Success! Comedy drama round one

Kid: You mean they’ll be a second round Dad?