Drunken Republic Cartoons 2019

December 2019

Kompas – December 18, 2019

Sign above door reads Public Health Office, document in tree reads Law Number 8/2016

Kompas – December 4, 2019

Civil servant: If you’ve got any criticisms, aspirations, is that allowed?

November 2019

Kompas – November 13, 2019

Scarecrow reads: legality, supervision. Crow reads: Rogue (government officials)

Kompas – November 6, 2019

Commander General Mochamad Iriawan (pictured) was elected Saturday as the new chief of the Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI) for 2019-2023, making him the first police general to lead the country’s soccer association.

Kompas – November 2, 2019

From an oped piece titled What Hasn’t Changed in Education

In his state of the nation address in August, President Joko Widodo outlined his vision to develop Indonesia’s human capital in the face of fierce international competition.

October 2019

Kompas – October 30, 2019

Kid: Hey Mom, where are we?

Document being held by women reads “Perpres Number 63/2019”

Kompas – October 28, 2019

From an oped piece titled This is Bahasa Indonesia.

Kompas – October 23, 2019

Lightning reads: Oligarchy

Man: I hope you’ll weather the storm.

Kompas – October 2, 2019

Student (bottom right): I hope you actually do work

Lawmaker’s sunglasses read “political party interests”, glasses in hand read “the ordinary people’s interests”.

September 2019

Kompas – September 21, 2019

Indonesia’s political parties have revived a proposal to reinstate the GBHN – the Broad Outlines of State Policy – which used to be issued by the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) to guide and direct national development during the New Order dictatorship of former president

Kompas – September 4, 2019

If you can, pick the clean ones. Don’t play favourites, show some real guts Mr...

Document reads: 10 Candidate KPK Leaders

August 2019

Kompas – August 9, 2019

From an oped piece titled Questions on the Electricity Problem

A massive power failure hit the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and surrounding cities on Sunday affecting millions of people.

Kompas – August 1, 2019

From an oped piece titled Risks of a Fat Coalition

Kompas – August 1, 2019

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) says that eighty percent of the land destroyed by forest fires in Indonesia this year will be converted into plantations, pointing the blame for the fires at unsustainable practices in the country’s agriculture industry.

July 2019

West Papua
Kompas – July 31, 2019

Writing on T-shirts reads: “Save Nduga”, “I Love NKRI”.

Kompas – July 29, 2019

Jakarta’s notorious air pollution has again been thrust into the spotlight this week thanks to a trending social media hashtag in which people shared photos of the capital’s smog blanked skyline.

Kompas – July 10, 2019

Man: Finding someone with some guts is also important Mrs.

Robot’s arms and legs read: Integrity, professionalism, commitment, independence.

Kompas – July 3, 2019

May the work go well, stay optimistic...!

Writing on weights reads: Fake news, import mafia, intolerance, radicalism, maritime axis, nepotism, collusion, corruption, malnutrition, terrorism, poverty, oligarchy, and so on...

June 2019

Kompas – June 28, 2019

From an oped piece titled The Constitutionality of Dismissing Corrupt Civil Servants

Kompas – June 26, 2019

According to the Ministry of Health, while Indonesia has seen a gradual decline in stunting from 37.2 percent in 2013 to 30.8 percent in 2018, other reports confirm a far higher prevalence of malnutrition among children in eastern Indonesia with some area reporting figures as