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November 2011

Kompas – November 30, 2011

According to the Supreme Audit Agency there were irregularities of US$33 billion in Social Assistance Funds (Dana Bantuan Sosial) in 2007-2010.

March 2011

Kompas – March 19, 2011

Kid: There’s no point setting your beard on fire (getting in a twist, a panic, furious) Mr, you’re the one who didn’t keep it trim and neat (to keep one’s own house in order)!

Kompas – March 12, 2011

Cake tray reads: Coalition

Papers in bin read: Bank Century, tax mafia inquiry, reshuffle

Kompas – March 9, 2011

1st Man: A senior official has resigned over an illegal donation...

2nd Man: So they’re serious about creating clean governance then?

1st Man: Not here, in Japan...

Headline: Japanese FM resigns.

February 2011

Kompas – February 5, 2011

Man: They say to be involved in politics you have to be like a rat, sniff things out first, then bite!

Kid: That’s right dad! It’s also what’s called a political rat! – a play on the word politikus: politik (politics) + tikus (rat) = politician.