Money Politics & Elite Conflicts

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December 2012

Kompas – December 29, 2012

From left to right: Djoko Susilo, Muhammad Nazaruddin, Wa Ode Nurhayati, Andi Mallarangeng, Achmad Yamanie, Anas Urbaningrum, Angelina Sondakh.

Drum reads: Politicisation and commercialisation of the law.

Kompas – December 26, 2012

Man: Relax, we’re used to surviving without leadership

June 2012

Kompas – June 23, 2012

Man: Which one’s in reverse... and which one’s in forward... (baggage reads ‘political hostages’)

January 2012

Kompas – January 7, 2012

Oh God... I just pray for retirement... because my job in this country has been taken over by government officials!