Money Politics & Elite Conflicts

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November 2015

Solidarity Net – November 13, 2015

Sherr Rinn – The Indonesian Labour Movement (GBI), which is made up of the Indonesian Metal Trade Workers Federation (FSPMI)/Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPSI), the Confederation of the All-Indonesian Workers Union (KSPSI), the Confederation of Prosperity Labour Unions (KSBSI), the Indonesian Labour Union Confederation Preparatory

July 2015

Kompas – July 4, 2015

Kid: Dad, will they become servants of the people, servants of power or... political party officials? (chair reads ‘Dynasty’)

May 2015

Citra Indonesia – May 20, 2015

Jakarta – Indonesian People’s United Resistance (PPRI) spokesperson Surya Anta believes that the administration of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo is one that relies on the interests of the political elite so it cannot take Indonesia in a better direction.