Draft music law

Kompas – February 13, 2019

Writing above puppeteer’s stick reads “money”, guitar reads “freedom of expression”

Musicians have slammed a new draft law seeking to criminalise content deemed pornographic or blasphemous, saying it could potentially limit freedom of expression in Indonesia.

Under the Draft Music Law (RUU Musik) – which is being considered by parliament – creators would be “prohibited from including negative influences from foreign cultures or those that demean human dignity”. Offenders could face fines or lengthy jail terms.

Since being unveiled last week, the law has faced a backlash on social media and an online petition calling for it to be scrapped has attracted almost 270,000 signatures as of Tuesday.

On Sunday, protesters in the West Java city of Bogor and the East Java provincial capital of Surabaya rallied against the legislation saying that will silence dissent, stifle creativity and benefit corporate music interests at the expense of local artists and culture.