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December 2004

Tempo Interactive – December 21, 2004

Ramidi, Jakarta – Around 500 members of the United Workers’ Alliance held an action in front of the State Palace on Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat on Tuesday December 21 to protest against wage policies

Tempo Interactive – December 8, 2004

Suryani Ika Sari, Jakarta – Trade unions and labour groups from the United Workers’ Alliance have demonstrated at the Jakarta Provincial Council building demanding to meet with the Jakarta governor

Tempo Interactive – December 6, 2004

Jakarta – On December 7, around 500 trade union members from the United Workers’ Alliance held a demonstration in front of the offices of the Provincial Legislative Council (DPRD) in Jakarta on Jal

News/Indonesia – December 4, 2004

Chaidir Anwar Tanjung, Pekanbaru – On Saturday November 4, more than 5000 workers from the Indonesian Workers Metal Federation (Federasi Buruh Metal Indonesia, FBMI) went on strike demanding that t

November 2004

News/Indonesia – November 10, 2004

Meriam Debora, Jakarta – The United Worker Alliance (Aliansi Buruh Bersatu, ABB) says it has rejected the new provincial minimum wage (UMP) increase for Jakarta to 711,843 rupiah because the amount

Tempo Interactive – November 4, 2004

Suryani Ika Sari, Jakarta – The debate on the Jakarta provincial minimum wage (UMP) continues.

August 2004

News/Indonesia – August 24, 2004

Niken Widya Yunita, Jakarta – Are you a woman? A worker? Have you experienced sexual harassment in the work place? If the answer is yes you are not alone.

May 2004

Tempo Interactive – May 1, 2004

Jakarta – Around 1,000 workers from scores of different organisations demonstrated in front of the national parliament in Jakarta on Saturday May 1.

Tempo Interactive – May 1, 2004

Istiqomatul Hayati, Jakarta – Thousands of workers came out into the streets to commemorate May Day on Saturday May 1.

April 2004

News/Indonesia – April 18, 2004

M Ilham, Jakarta – The United Opposition Front (Barisan Oposisi Bersatu, BOB) and the Indonesian Trade Union Action Committee (Komite Aksi Serikat Buruh Indonesia, KASBI) are calling for a national