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October 2009

News/Indonesia – October 26, 2009

Baban Gandapurnama, Bandung – Workers from the Preparatory Committee for the Indonesian Labour Movement Union (KP-PPBI) are demanding a minimum wage increase across all regions in 2010 of as much as 50 percent.

News/Indonesia – October 20, 2009

Ari Saputra, Jakarta – Hundreds of workers from various labour organisations held a protest action at the front gates of the House of Representatives (DPR) building in Jakarta on October 20.

July 2009

News/Indonesia – July 7, 2009

Novi Christiastuti Adiputri, Jakarta – Scores of people from the Indonesian Youth Front for Struggle (FPPI) demonstrated at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in Central Jakarta on Tuesday July 7 calling for a boycott of the presidential elections. On account of not having a permit, the demonstration was forcibly disbanded by police.

Surya Daily Online – July 6, 2009

Judi Prasetyo, Jombang – Workers from the Independent Indonesian National Front for Labour Struggle (FNPBI-Independen) have agreed to boycott the coming July 8 presidential elections by not using their right to vote or to golput.

News/Indonesia – July 5, 2009

Jombang – Thousands of workers have declared their opposition to participating in the July 8 presidential elections. The agreement emerged out of a mass meeting and consolidation by hundreds of trade union representatives held today at the Youth Social Development Building in Jombang, East Java.

June 2009

Kompas – June 17, 2009

Politician: Foreign exchange? Yes!

Man: But what they need is protection and legal certainty...

News/Indonesia – June 7, 2009

Up until now, Dita Indah Sari has been known as a labour activist, while Vice President Jusuf Kalla is known as a business person.

Tempo Interactive – June 7, 2009

Kurniasih Budi, Jakarta – A group of workers who have declared themselves as a voluntary team to support Jusuf Kalla and Wiranto believe that Kalla’s performance has been better than the other presidential candidates.

May 2009

News/Indonesia – May 21, 2009

Rachmadin Ismail, Jakarta – Hundreds of demonstrators from the Workers Challenge Alliance (ABM) held an protest action on May 21 opposing the candidates running for the July 8 presidential elections because none of the candidates are pro-people.

Kompas – May 1, 2009

Jakarta – After holding a demonstration to commemorate International Labour Day at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout and the State Palace in Central Jakarta, protesters from the Indonesian Metal Trade Workers Federation (FSPMI) and several other trade unions continued the action at the House of Representatives (DPR) building in Senayan.