Depok mayor asks public to report LGBT activities in city to authorities

Republika – January 6, 2019
Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris (Republika)
Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris (Republika)

Depok – Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris is asking the public to immediately report to the authorities if they discover sexually deviant or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) activities in their area so local officials can take action. The Depok municipal government has already issued several regulations on deviant sexual behaviour.

“All members of the public must be on guard against LGBT behaviour, and it is hoped that they can contribute by reporting such behaviour if they find it in their local area”, he said in Depok, West Java, on Sunday January 6.

Idris has issued instruction Number 2/2018 on the Implementation of the Reinforcement of Family Resilience Against Deviant Sexual Behaviour. The instruction, which regulates against LGBT activities in Depok City, has been in force since March 8, 2018. Related local government officials will carry out their duties in accordance with its basic tasks.

In addition to this the mayor has also issued Circular Number 460/90-Dinsos on the Implementation of the Reinforcement of Family Resilience Against Deviant Sexual Behaviour. The circular has been sent to all businesses, social organisations, social and religious figures, village and ward administrators (RT/RW) and family heads in Depok City.

“We are inviting all related elements in the area to safeguard and protect society from the impacts caused by deviant groups so that that it does not spread and can be overcome together”, he asserted.

Idris hopes that all city residents will be on guard against and assist in monitoring deviant sexual groups in their respective areas.

“Residents must reject content which is pornographic and sexually deviant in nature in their local area and also on social media”, he said.

Idris also asserted that in the organisation of all security and socialisation related activities at the level of the RT/RW, village and sub-district, that they will conduct socialisation and monitoring on the impact of perpetrators of sexual deviance viewed from the perspective of religion, health and social norms.

“Each family must safeguard their children and other family members from sexually deviant tendencies and endeavour to increase family resilience in the context of preventing the occurrence of sexually deviant behaviours among social groups”, he said.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “Wali Kota Depok Minta Masyarakat Laporkan Kegiatan LGBT”.]