Cyber police to award 'badges' to people who report crimes on social media

CNN Indonesia – March 16, 2021
Badge that will be given to people who report alleged crimes on social media – March 16, 2021 (Instagram)

Jakarta – The cyber crimes division at the national police's criminal investigations directorate will give out rewards in the form of badges or pins to members of the public who actively report alleged crimes on social media.

The announcement of the awards was shared directly through the national police's Cyber Crimes Investigation Centre official Instagram account @ccicpolri on Thursday March 11.

"Badge Awards: The badge which will be given to members of the public who actively participate in reporting alleged crimes on social media", reads the caption in the picture uploaded on the @ccicpolri Instagram account on Tuesday March 16.

Despite this, the announcement does not detail the mechanisms for making reports. As of posting this article, the director for cyber crimes at the police's criminal investigations directorate, Brigadier General Slamet Uliandi, has yet to respond to CNN Indonesia in relation to the technical regulations for the prizes.

Police public information bureau chief Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono also said he did have any details about the badge awards. "I'll check first about the badges", he said when contacted by CNN Indonesia.

The criminal investigations directorate now has a new unit called the Virtual Police. They are tasked with monitoring the world of social media and issuing warnings if they find content which could potentially violate the law.

As of Friday March 12, there have been 89 social media accounts which have relieved warnings from police. Of these, said Hartono, there were 125 accounts where there were indications that a crime had been committed.

After conducting a follow up verification and examination by experts however, only 89 of these received a warning from police.

Out of these 89 accounts, 40 have received a first warning, 12 have received a second warning, 16 warnings were not sent and 21 failed to be sent.

The social media platform which has been subject to the largest number of warnings is Twitter, followed by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp. (mjo/sur)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Polisi Akan Berikan 'Badge' untuk Pelapor di Medsos".]