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May 2019

Kompas – May 15, 2019

Rakhmat Nur Hakim, Jakarta – The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) and the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) have reported the Bandung police to the National Hu

April 2019

CNN Indonesia – April 12, 2019

Jakarta – Former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chief Bambang Widjojanto says that the petition signed by KPK staff citing obstacles faced in indicting ‘big fish’ indicates an attempt to o

March 2019

CNN Indonesia – March 8, 2019

Jakarta – Scores of people have been arrested and convicted using the “rubber” (catchall) articles in the Information and Electronic Transaction Law (UU ITE) as a result of a rise in criticism agai

February 2019

West Papua
CNN Indonesia – February 22, 2019

Jakarta – Papua Regional Police Public Information Head Assistant Superintendent Suryadi Diaz is asking all parties not to dramatise or make a big issue out of the use of a snake during an interrog

CNN Indonesia – February 13, 2019

Jakarta – House of Representatives (DPR) Commission III member Arsul Sani says that the government’s planned revisions to the 2009 Narcotics Law could open the way for the involvement of TNI (Indon

April 2016

Manjanik.net – April 2, 2016

Jakarta – At least 121 innocent people accused of being terrorists or involved in terrorist networks have died at the hands of the Detachment 88 Special Anti-Terror Unit (Densus 88) after being det

March 2015

Kompas – March 18, 2015

Amid public ire over a government plan to relax a 2012 remission policy for corruption convicts to allow them more sentence reductions, the arrest and trial of 70-year-old grandmother Asyani for al

February 2015

Kompas.com – February 10, 2015

Jakarta – The head of the national police’s Criminal Investigation Bureau (Bareskrim) Money Laundering Crimes Sub-Directorate III, Senior Commissioner Budi Wibowo took the witness stand at the pre-

Kompas – February 4, 2015

Public confidence in law enforcement took another dive this week after it was revealed that Labora Sitorus – a low ranking Papuan cop with US$119 million in bank accounts and sentenced to 15 years

Berita Satu – February 2, 2015

Bayu Marhaenjati/FEB, Jakarta – The pre-trial hearing of national police chief candidate Commissioner General Budi Gunawan (BG) related to his declaration as a suspect by the Corruption Eradication