Regent says gay civil servants found practicing 'deviant sex' in Cianjur

Suara Jabar – June 1, 2022
Cianjur Regent Herman Suherman speaking to reporters – Undated (VOI)

Andi Ahmad S – The regent of Cianjur in West Java, Herman Suherman, claims to have received data on exactly which state civil servants (ASN) within the Cianjur regency government have deviant sexual relationships or like the same sex.

"I've already received the information, it turns out in the office environment there are also ASN who are LSL (men having sex with men) or who are suffering from other sexual deviations. I've already received the data on exactly who and which office they're in", he told journalists.

Suherman said that they will administer light disciplinary sanctions against civil servants who have sexual deviations. On the other hand however, the regency government will also provide guidance and treatment for those concerned.

According to Suherman, the Cianjur regency government prohibits Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) practices within its jurisdiction. This is because this sexual behaviour is clearly prohibited by religion and it could also endanger the health of the perpetrators themselves.

"In religious terms it is also clearly prohibited, moreover in terms of their health they are also vulnerable to disease", he said.

Suherman said they would re-accommodate such civil servants if they no longer indulge in deviant sex.

"If they are cured and the ASN is accomplished we will reinstall them as government officials in accordance with their capabilities. [But] what's important is they must first be cured of their sexual deviance. We don't want these deviant activities to still exist and grow in Cianjur which is religious", said Suherman.

In addition to this, he asserted that the Cianjur regency government has handed down sanctions for deviant sexual behaviour but from a humanitarian aspect there are no binding sanctions. "As human beings we will still fulfill their rights", said Suherman.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Bupati Cianjur Terima Data Siapa Saja ASN Yang Suka dengan Sesama Jenis, Dinas Mana Saja?".]