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May 2011

Kompas – May 25, 2011

Jakarta – Foreign penetration through multi-national companies in the food sector is increasing and spreading.

Kompas – May 23, 2011

Jakarta – Foreign domination of strategic economic sectors is spreading and deepening.

April 2011

Kompas – April 28, 2011

Jakarta – Indonesia is currently facing a second phase of deindustrialisation. One of the indicators is the dependency on foreign companies.

Kompas – April 4, 2011

Jakarta – It would be better if the deliberations on the Draft Law on Land Acquisition for Development be delayed while legal uncertainty over the control of land by communities remains unclear.

March 2011

Kompas – March 4, 2011

Jakarta – The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) is pushing for corporations, both national and multi-national, to be deemed as parties that can also be held liable for human rights viol

February 2011

Kompas – February 4, 2011

Jakarta – The government should be more serious about controlling the rising rate of inflation.