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August 2023

News/Indonesia – August 2, 2023

Eka Yudha Saputra, Adelia Stevina, Jakarta – The National Police Criminal Investigations Directorate (Bareskrim Polri) for General Crimes has officially declared the founder of the Al Zaytun Islamic boarding school (pesantren) Panji Gumilang as a suspect on charges of

July 2023

CNN Indonesia – July 4, 2023

Jakarta – The Civil Society Coalition is urging the national police criminal investigations directorate (Bareskrim) to halt the investigation into the head of the Al Zaytun Islamic boarding school (Ponpes), Panji Gumilang, for alleged

June 2023

Detik News – June 22, 2023

Jakarta – Indonesia's top Islamic body the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) has issued fatwa (edict) Number 38/2023 on laws concerning women being mosque preachers (khatib) in the context of Friday prayers (salat Jumat).

CNN Indonesia – June 7, 2023

Jakarta – The chairperson of Indonesia's peak Islamic body the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI), Utang Ranuwijaya, says that Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs Joint Regulation (PBM) Number 9 and 8 of 2006 on the Establishment of

CNN Indonesia – June 1, 2023

Jakarta – Reflecting on the values of the state ideology Pancasila, Setara Institute for Peace and Democracy Executive Director Halili Hasan says that they are often defeated by the cases of intolerance that have occurred recently in Indonesia.

April 2023

CNN Indonesia – April 7, 2023

Jakarta – The results of Setara Institute for Peace and Democracy research reveal that the city of Cilegon in Banten province occupies the 94th position or the lowest ranking in the 2022 City Tolerance Index with a score of 3.227.

January 2023

CNN Indonesia – January 17, 2023

Jakarta – The Setara Institute for Peace and Democracy has reminded President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo that there is still widespread opposition to minority groups performing worship and the establishment of houses of workers in several parts of Indonesia.

December 2022

Detik News – December 28, 2022

Anggi Muliawati, Jakarta – Indonesian Human Rights Watch (Imparsial) found there were 26 cases of intolerance recorded by the media as occurring in Indonesia in 2022. Imparsial revealed that West Java (Jabar) is the region with the highest number of cases of violations of religion and belief (KBB).

August 2022

CNN Indonesia – August 4, 2022

Jakarta – The Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace is asking Education, Culture, Research and Technology Minister Nadiem Makarim to take firm action against state schools forcing students to wear the jilbab – an Islamic female headdress which leaves the face exposed.

July 2022

News/Indonesia – July 5, 2022

Irfan Kamil, Jakarta – The government has asked the Constitutional Court (MK) to reject a judicial review of law Number 1/1974 on Marriage. The law is being challenged by a person named E Ramos Petege – who is a Catholic – because he is unable to marry his beloved who is a Muslim.