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October 2010

Kompas – October 1, 2010

It’s an open secret that instead of actually writing a university paper or thesis, rich students can pay to have it written for them. Ranging anywhere between 250,000 and several million rupiah, the cost of is calculated based on the number of words, references and quality of presentation.

April 2010

Kompas – April 28, 2010

High school graduate: I passed honestly...

Man: So later if you become a government official you’ll still be like that right?

February 2010

Kompas – February 24, 2010

A recent case in which a hospital was accused of denying a family the right to take home and bury the body of their deceased newborn baby because the parents could not meet their medical bill has highlighted the fact that hospitals are still discriminating against poor families who are entitled to free medical treatment.