Independence & Self-determination

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September 2003

News/Indonesia – September 27, 2003

Dikhy Sasra, Jakarta – Around 100 people from the group Solidarity for Aceh and Papua protested rejecting militarism at the offices of the United Nations, the Ministry for the Coordination of Polit

News/West Papua
Kompas – September 9, 2003

Jakarta – Foreign Affairs Minister Hassan Wirajuda has stated that the government is continuing to monitor the possibility of support from a number of countries in the Asia Pacific region for a gro

August 2003

News/West Papua
Kompas – August 26, 2003

Jakarta, Kompas -- The Indonesian government has cited the armed separatist movement in Papua as one of three threats against the perpetuation of the nation’s existence within the Unitary State of

July 2003

News/West Papua
Sinar Harapan – July 3, 2003

Jayapura – Seventy-five percent (75) of native Papuans appear to want Papua to be free and become an independent country.