Independence & Self-determination

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December 2013

News/West Papua
Lensa Indonesia (LICOM) – December 2, 2013

Around 300 demonstrators from the Papua Student Alliance (AMP) gathered in front of the Negara Grahadi building in the East Java provincial capital of Surabaya on December 2 demanding that the Indo

August 2013

News/West Papua
Kompas Newspaper – August 21, 2013

Jakarta – The Australian government does not have the authority to stop its citizen from sailing out of Australian ports as long as it is legal.

News/West Papua
Pos Kota – August 16, 2013

Bogor – The momentum in the lead up to Indonesia’s 68th Independence Day was used by scores of Papuan students to demand freedom and self-determination for the Papuan people.

News/West Papua – August 15, 2013

Arie Sunaryo – The Surakarta district police have seized two large banners depicting symbols of the Morning Star flag belonging to Papuan students that was to be used in a protest action at the Gla

News/West Papua
Selangkah Magazine – August 15, 2013

Yogyakarta – “Self-determination, the Democratic Solution for the Papuan People”, shouted West Papuan students protesting the New York Agreement of August 15, 1962, and supporting the opening of a

July 2013

News/West Papua
Selangkah Magazine – July 15, 2013

Yogyakarta – Hundreds of demonstrators from the Papua Student Alliance (AMP) in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta held a peaceful action and free speech forum today, Monday July 15.

May 2013

News/West Papua – May 1, 2013

Putra Prima Perdana, Bandung – Shouts of “Free Papua” resounded from a megaphone belonging to the Papuan Students Alliance (AMP) in the midst of a demonstration by hundreds of workers commemorating

March 2013

News/West Papua
Metro TV News – March 25, 2013

MI/Rommy Pujianto/ip, Makassar – Student Solidarity Concern for the Papuan People (SMPRP) along with advocacy and human rights groups held a protest action in front of the Mandala Monument Commemor