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December 2009

Kompas – December 30, 2009

Jakarta – Like previous years, 2008 was marked by a variety of actions by students who took to the streets opposing government policies that they believe harm the people.

Only, in concert the approach of the 2009 legislative and presidential elections, so too has the tendency for these student actions to end in clashes and violence.

News/Indonesia – December 30, 2009

Muhammad Taufiqqurahman, Jakarta – The Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (Kasum) sees 2009 as a year of gloom that failed to provide any clarity in the ongoing investigation of Munir’s murder.

News/Indonesia – December 30, 2009

Amanda Ferdina, Jakarta – Shouting “Long live SBY”, on Wednesday December 30 scores of protesters form the Indonesian People’s Solidarity Coalition (KSRI) demonstrated at the launch of the book Unmasking the Cikeas Octopus: Behind the Bank Century Scandal.

News/Indonesia – December 30, 2009

Amanda Ferdina, Jakarta – Supporters of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) from the Indonesian People’s Solidarity Coalition (KSRI), who were protesting against the launch of the book Unmasking the Cikeas Octopus: Behind the Bank Century Scandal, were challenged to take part in the event.

Kompas – December 26, 2009

Kid: 2009 has been full of reality shows, corruption, bribery, debtors fleeing the country, evictions, communities clashing with police, student brawls, the gecko vs crocodile scandal, the Bank Century inquiry, it’s been exhausting Dad!

Man: Let us hope for peace on earth and in 2010 and that they’ll be lots of real reality shows!

Kompas – December 23, 2009

The House of Representatives – consistently rated as one of the most corrupt institutions in the country – is seeking to strip the Corruption Eradication Commission of its wiretapping powers, which anti-corruption activists say is an essential tool in its fight against corruption.

Kompas – December 21, 2009

Umi Kulsum and Ignatius Kristanto – Two months have passed, but like an engine, they have also yet to “warm up”. Yet, their numbers have increased significantly compared with the previous period. What’s going on?

Kompas – December 19, 2009

Kid: It turns out that a coin can carry more weight, right Dad?

Scales read: Justice/Law.

Kompas – December 16, 2009

Man: You’ll be exonerating those who are right and blaming those who are wrong, right Mr?

Kompas – December 9, 2009

Protester: Hey Mr, corruption’s taking a holiday today... come on, you wanna join the demos?