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December 2003

News/Aceh – December 31, 2003

Nur Raihan, Banda Aceh – As many as 13,996 TNI (Indonesian armed forces) members and police officers will be involved in securing election stations during the 2004 general elections in Aceh.

News/Indonesia – December 10, 2003

Bagus Kurniawan, Yogyakarta – As well as Jakarta, lively actions to commemorate world human rights day were also held in other parts of the country.

November 2003

Kompas – November 12, 2003

Jakarta – TNI (armed forces) chief General Endriartono Sutarto has asserted that the TNI are not soldiers for hire.

News/Aceh – November 10, 2003

Bagus Kurniawan, Yogyakarta – Commemorating Hero’s Day on Monday November 10, scores of student activist from the Yogyakarta Indonesian Youth Front for Struggle (Front Perjuangan Pemuda Indonesia,

Kompas – November 9, 2003

Jakarta – Condemnations against the government’s decision to extend the military emergency in Aceh continue to spring up.

News/Aceh – November 8, 2003

Hestiana Dharmastuti, Jakarta – Around 2500 people from Aceh Papua Solidarity (Solidaritas Aceh Papua, SAP) will hold a demonstration rejecting the extension of the military emergency in Aceh.

October 2003

Joint Statement – October 7, 2003

[The following is a joint statement by the National Student League for Democracy (LMND), the United People's Opposition Party (POPOR) and Tanjung Priok victims.]

SAP – October 6, 2003
  • Reject the politics of war
  • Counter the plan to extend the military operation in Aceh and legal and illegal military operations in Papua

The resolution of the political c

August 2003

SEGERA – August 2, 2003

[The following petition was initiated by SEGERA, the Solidarity Movement with the People of Aceh and is being circulated among progressive and democratic organisations in Indonesia.

May 2003

Jakarta International Peace Conference – May 21, 2003

The rhetoric of support for a peaceful resolution in Iraq by the government of President Megawati Sukarnoputri and Vice-president Hamzah Haz has proven to be lies to manipulate the people.