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November 2004

Kompas – November 9, 2004

Jakarta – TNI (armed forces) chief General Endriartono Sutarto says that placing TNI headquarters under the department of defense requires maturity on the part of the minister of defense in order t

October 2004

News/Indonesia – October 6, 2004

Gede Suardana, Denpasar – The commander of the Udayana territorial military command, Major General Supiadin AS, has accused the United Opposition Front (BOB) who have been rejected militarism at de

News/Indonesia – October 5, 2004

Bagus Kurniawan, Yogyakarta – Coinciding with commemorations of the 59th anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), hundreds of Yogyakarta students from a number of different groups held act

News/Indonesia – October 5, 2004

Gede Suardana, Denpasar – The United Opposition Front (BOB) is to take legal action over an attack perpetrated by a gang of heavily-built men and police when they were holding a recent demonstratio

News/Indonesia – October 5, 2004

Gede Suardana, Denpasar – Around 15 people who were just about to end an anti-military action were attacked without warning by scores of heavily-built men.

News/Indonesia – October 1, 2004

Bagus Kurniawan, Yogyakarta – A demonstration rejecting militarism and demanding the abolition of the military’s territorial commands1 by activists from the National Student League for Democracy (L

August 2004

News/Indonesia – August 26, 2004


News/Indonesia – August 23, 2004

Anton Aliabbas, Jakarta – The draft law on the armed forces (Rancangan Undang-Undang Tentara Nasional Indonesia, RUU TNI) is not considered to be in accordance with the TNI’s new paradigm, has the

FNPBI News – August 19, 2004

Jakarta – Around 100 demonstrators from the United People Against Militarism (Persatuan Rakyat Anti Militerisme, PRAM) have again demonstrated in front of the national parliament.

News/Aceh – August 16, 2004

Anton Aliabbas, Jakarta – What’s the relationship with the commemoration of the Indonesia’s 59th anniversary and the state of civil emergency in Aceh? Who knows.