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December 2004

Tempo Interactive – December 22, 2004

Eworaswa, Jakarta – The executive director of the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI), Denny J.A., says that fuel price increases will become the hottest issue for the government of President Susilo

November 2004

Tempo Interactive – November 1, 2004

RR Ariyani, Jakarta – A grouping of non-government organisations (NGOs) who are handling the Buyat Bay pollution case including the Indonesian Environmental Forum (Walhi) and the Mining Advocacy Ne

September 2004

News/Indonesia – September 28, 2004

Triono Wahyu Sudibyo, Semarang – Often you hear the news that the state owned electricity company PT PLN is loosing money.

August 2004

News/Indonesia – August 10, 2004

Dadan Kuswaraharja, Jakarta – People living in and around mining operations find it difficult to obtain their rights.

July 2004

News/Indonesia – July 23, 2004

Dadan Kuswaraharja, Jakarta – Worker and environment activists demonstrated at the PT Newmont Mining Group Jakarta office following the exposure of pollution in the Gulf of Buyat which has cased Mi