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December 2008

Kompas – December 31, 2008

Man: Better if we look at it as being half-full...

Woman: ...In anticipation of [using] fire wood

Kompas – December 20, 2008

Man: End of year holiday? Sure thing!

Woman: Were we goin’ honey?

Man: To queue for LPG!

August 2008

News/Indonesia – August 4, 2008

Djoko Tjiptono, Jakarta – Scores of student from the Student Action Front for Reform and Democracy (Famred) have again taken to the streets to demand the government nationalise foreign-owned oil an

April 2008

Tempo Interactive – April 2, 2008

Rofiuddin, Semarang – Dozens of students from the National Student League for Democracy (LMND) held a protest action in the Central Java provincial capital of Semarang today calling for the governm

March 2008

LMND – March 1, 2008

Beginning last Monday, the National Student League for Democracy (LMND) held two-day demonstrations in Jakarta to rally the campaign for the nationalisation of oil, gas, and mining industries.