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March 2015

Kompas – March 18, 2015

Amid public ire over a government plan to relax a 2012 remission policy for corruption convicts to allow them more sentence reductions, the arrest and trial of 70-year-old grandmother Asyani for al

February 2015

Kompas.com – February 10, 2015

Jakarta – The head of the national police’s Criminal Investigation Bureau (Bareskrim) Money Laundering Crimes Sub-Directorate III, Senior Commissioner Budi Wibowo took the witness stand at the pre-

Kompas – February 4, 2015

Public confidence in law enforcement took another dive this week after it was revealed that Labora Sitorus – a low ranking Papuan cop with US$119 million in bank accounts and sentenced to 15 years

Berita Satu – February 2, 2015

Bayu Marhaenjati/FEB, Jakarta – The pre-trial hearing of national police chief candidate Commissioner General Budi Gunawan (BG) related to his declaration as a suspect by the Corruption Eradication

Detik News – February 2, 2015

Ayunda W Savitri, Jakarta – The legal attorney representing national police (Polri) headquarters and Commissioner General Budi Gunawan, Frederick Yunadi has asked that the national police not alway