Protests & Popular Resistance

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December 2008

News/Indonesia – December 16, 2008

Aprizal Rahmatullah, Jakarta – It is as if Jakarta is never free from the bustle of protest actions.

November 2008

News/Indonesia – November 24, 2008

Taufiqqurrahman, Jakarta – Demonstrations are again set to enliven Jakarta and the nearby satellite city of Tangerang today.

News/Indonesia – November 14, 2008

Rachmadin Ismail, Jakarta – In the lead up to the weekend be prepared to face traffic jams as a result of protest actions.

News/Indonesia – November 6, 2008

E. Mei Amelia R, Jakarta – Five protest actins will be held today in various parts of Central and South Jakarta. Those passing through these areas should be on guard for traffic jams.

October 2008

News/Indonesia – October 20, 2008

Ken Yunita, Jakarta – It has become like a ‘regular customer’, traffic crossing Jl.

News/Indonesia – October 16, 2008

Moksa Hutasoit, Jakarta – It is as if protest actions are never absent from the lives of Jakarta residents.

September 2008

Tempo Interactive – September 22, 2008

TMC/Ronald, Jakarta – The Metro Jaya regional police Traffic Management Centre (TMC) reports that eight protest actions will be held in Jakarta today, Monday September 22.

News/Indonesia – September 1, 2008

Laurencius Simanjuntak, Jakarta – It appears that fasting is not deterring some people from taking to the streets to voice their protests.

August 2008

News/Indonesia – August 28, 2008

E. Mei/Amelia. R, Jakarta – At least four protest actions will strike the capital city today and motorists are advised to be on the lookout for areas that could potentially become congested.

Tempo Interactive – August 14, 2008

Sofian, Jakarta – Around 10 protest actions will enliven the atmosphere of Jakarta today, Thursday August 14.