1,000 candles for Mira seeks justice for transwoman burnt alive in Jakarta

Media Indonesia – April 13, 2020
1,000 candles for Mira (Mira Advocacy Team)

Sri Utami/J-3 – The contemptible act which befell Mira has ignited people’s anger with prayers from several communities doing the rounds on social media. They are demanding justice and for the police to immediately solve the case.

Several hash tags have been launched from “We are Mira”, “Justice for Mira”, “You are not alone” to “Giving voice to the voiceless”. These solidarity actions are in response to an incident which has reverberated across the country from Aceh to Papua.

Mira, 43, is a transgender woman who died after being set upon and burnt alive by a group of six thugs at a container truck parking lot in the Cilincing area of North Jakarta on the evening of Saturday April 4.

Transgender women’s activist Kanza Vina – who has been campaigning for justice for Mira – said that the One Thousand Candles for Mira campaign is a form of solidarity for the deceased who was killed as a result of people taking the law into their own hands.

Anyone can take part in the One Thousand Candles for Mira campaign, particularly communities who are sympathetic with the calamity. The action is also to call for justice for transgender women who are still discriminated against and whose lives are threatened.

“This is to build solidarity support for Mira and also invite everyone to watch over the case because violence which occurs against transgender groups often ends in a lack of justice”, said Vina yesterday.

More and more people are becoming involved the solidarity action. One group which has joined the One Thousand Candles for Mira campaign, she explained, is the Journalists Union for Diversity (Sejuk).

“We don’t know how long the solidarity action will go on. Perhaps we’ll extend it”, she said.

Vina, who is also a member of the advocacy team for the Mira case, explained that the police have already conducted an autopsy on Mira’s body. The team is determined to monitor the case to its conclusion.

“We are monitoring this case because [transgender people] are vulnerable to discrimination. Transgender groups are seen as weak and a lower class of humanity. We hope that the police will do what is right and just”, she said hopefully.

Following the attack, Mira was admitted to hospital with severe burns to her body. Mira, who had earlier been accused of stealing a wallet died at the RS Koja Hospital intensive care unit several hours after being admitted.

North Jakarta District Police Chief Senior Commissioner Budhi Herdi Susianto said that they have arrested three perpetrators with the initials AP (27) RT (24) and AH (26). Meanwhile three other perpetrators, PD, AB and IQ are still being sought by police. (Sri Utami/J-3)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was “ Solidaritas 1.000 Lilin untuk Mira”.]

Source: https://mediaindonesia.com/read/detail/303371-solidaritas-1000-lilin-untuk-mira