Police break up LGBT dance party in Makassar for 'not having permit'

Viva – May 30, 2022
Police arrest participants of allged ‘gay party’ in Jakarta – September 2, 2020 (Detik)

Police have broken up a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) party at a futsal ground in the South Sulawesi provincial capital of Makassar.

The party was broken up because police said that the event titled Rundown Play Dancer K-Pop or Mister Makassar did not have a permit.

"Correct, it was broken up, they were disbanded and a persuasive appeal was made to the committee not to continue the activities because they didn't have an activity permit", said Makassar metropolitan district police public relations head deputy police commissioner Lando KS when phoned by WhatsApp on Monday May 23.

Lando said that the activity not only did not have a permit but was also deemed to have the potential of creating a public polemic.

"It was an LGBT group event, right, there are still many members of the public to do not accept their presence. So this was also part of our reason for breaking it up because it became a police concern who broke up the dance party which was attended by around 90 people at the location", he said.

Lando also claimed they were worried that if it was left to go ahead it would have created an uproar when or after they held the party.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Polisi Bubarkan Pesta LGBT di Lapangan futsal".]

Source: https://www.viva.co.id/berita/nasional/1479876-polisi-bubarkan-pesta-lgbt-di-lapangan-futsal