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December 2005

News/Indonesia – December 18, 2005

Machendra Setyo AtmajaIntania Nur Kusuma, Jakarta – Symbols of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) have been burnt by demonstrators from the Indonesian People’s Anti-Imperialist Union (Perisai) who

News/Hong Kong – December 18, 2005

Ahmad Dani, Jakarta – Coinciding with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial Level Conference (KTM) in Hong Kong, 2,000 farmers gathered at Victoria Park on Saturday December 17.

News/Indonesia – December 18, 2005

Ahmad Dani, Jakarta – Actions opposing the World Trade Organisation (WTO) will also been held in Indonesia.

News/Indonesia – December 12, 2005

Arin Widiyanti, Jakarta – Concerned about their livelihoods that are being ground down by the advanced countries, though policies being driven by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), farmers, worker

News/Hong Kong – December 6, 2005

Intania Nur Kusuma, Jakarta – The World Trade Organisation (WTO) will hold its 6th ministerial level meeting in Hong Kong on 13-18 December.

November 2005

News/Indonesia – November 21, 2005

Muhammad Nur Hayid, Jakarta – An action by hundreds of people from Indonesian Farmers Youth (Pemuda Tani Indonesia, PTI) became heated when demonstrators broke down the gates and forced their way i

News/Indonesia – November 18, 2005

Arin Widiyanti, Jakarta – The importation of rice from Vietnam which is being done by Bulog (the State Logistics Agency) with the permission of trade minister Mari Elka Pangestu, has been opposed u

June 2005

News/Indonesia – June 4, 2005

Bagus Kurniawan, Yogyakarta – Law Number 7/2004 on Water Resources continues to encounter opposition.