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September 2023

CNN Indonesia – September 25, 2023

Jakarta – Scores of protesters from the Labour Party and the Indonesian Farmers Union (SPI) held a demonstration in front of the State Logistics Agency (Bulog) building in South Jakarta on Monday September 25.

Kompas Newspaper – September 13, 2023

Woman: There's still sweet potatoes, cassava, potatoes, corn, sago, sorghum, and... and...

Sack reads "Rice prices", Scarecrow reads "Food estate".

March 2023

Kompas Newspaper – March 20, 2023

Beef farmer: If it continues like this, when will we see any progress?

Writing on cow reads "Beef self-sufficiency"

January 2023

Kompas Newspaper – January 25, 2023

Woman holding knife: Food estate, what's the news?

Container reads 'Food imports', words on sack read 'Food intensification, diversification, extensification.

September 2022

Tribune News – September 24, 2022

Nuri Yatul Hikmah (Warta Kota), Jakarta – Thousands of workers joined the Indonesia Farmers Union (SPI) in a demonstration in front of the State Palace near the Horse Statue in Central Jakarta on Saturday September 24. The action was held in the context of commemorating National Farmers Day (HTN).

April 2022

Kompas – April 25, 2022

Ardito Ramadhan, Jakarta – A survey conducted by Kompas Research and Development (Litbang Kompas) shows that the majority of respondents have experienced difficulties purchasing basic necessities since early April.

March 2022

CNN Indonesia – March 25, 2022

Jakarta – The scarcity of cooking oil in various parts of Indonesia has continued for at least three months. Over this time however, the government and police have failed to find the masterminds behind the shortages.

January 2021

Kompas – January 6, 2021

Sack reads: Imported soybeans, No 1 quality soybeans.

Famer's hat reads: self-sufficiency

In early January tempeh and tofu disappeared from the market as producers went on strike to protest the soaring price of soybean, the primary ingredient of the popular food, which is mostly imported.

September 2020

CNN Indonesia – September 23, 2020

Jakarta – The National Agrarian Reform Committee (KNPA) has recorded at least 35 cases of agrarian conflicts between March and September 2020 or since the Covid-19 pandemic started in Indonesia. Based on the KNPA’s records, these conflicts range from land grabs, forced evictions, intimation to arrests.

April 2019

CNN Indonesia – April 29, 2019

Jakarta – In the lead up to the commemoration of International Labour Day or May Day on May 1, the Palm Oil Workers Coalition (KBS) has again called on the government and companies to fulfill the rights of workers employed in the palm oil sector.