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August 2015

Kompas – August 12, 2015

Man on cow: Independence! Truck reads ‘Imports’

Kompas – August 5, 2015

Politician: 2016 self-sufficiency in rice!

Farmer: So where’s the water?

July 2015

News/Indonesia – July 15, 2015

Rochimawati, Arie Dwi Budiawati – Although the nominal wage of agricultural and urban informal workers increased in 2015, their real wages declined.

The nominal wage of agricultural workers nationally increased by 1.15 percent from 46,386 rupiah a day in May to 46,458 a day in June 2015.

May 2015

Kompas – May 30, 2015

Kid: Rastik, plastic rice.... Raskin, lots of rice weevils...

Man: Fortunately there’s still Raskin... which is complete with a high protean side dish right!

Kompas – May 5, 2015

Despite the souring cost of rice on the market, the price of unhusked rice (gabah) produced by local farmers has fallen to around 0.37 US cents per kilogram.