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December 2003

Kompas – December 11, 2003

Jakarta – On Wednesday December 10, hundreds of students, youths and non-government organisation activists, victims of land evictions and farmers came out into the streets to commemorate world huma

News/Indonesia – December 10, 2003

Suwarjono, Jakarta – Around 1000 demonstrators held a demonstration commemorating world human rights day at the Presidential Palace on Jalan Merdeka Utara on Wednesday December 10.

News/Indonesia – December 10, 2003

Bagus Kurniawan, Yogyakarta – Around 50 students from various different tendencies, who joined together under the banner of the Anti-Imperialist People’s Alliance (Aliansi Rakyat Anti Imperialisme,

July 2003

Kompas – July 30, 2003

[The following is a translation of the first part of a article which INDOLEFT readers may find “interesting” given the neo-liberal policies currently being pursued by the government of Megawati