Free Trade & Neoliberalism

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December 2007

Kompas – December 3, 2007

Nusa Dua, Bali – Activists from the Civil Society Forum or CSF are calling for a fairer world in order to overcome the impact of climate change. Without resolving global injustices first, climate change will only increase the burden on billions of poor around the world.

July 2007

Okezone – July 12, 2007

Hariyanto Kurniawan, Jakarta – President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s speech stating other economic systems have failed and so they have chosen an open economic system that incorporates social justice is nothing more than political rhetoric.

News/Indonesia – July 5, 2007

Indra Shalihin, Jakarta – Wearing traditional woven bamboo hats, housewives, farmers and student went to the Constitutional Court on Thursday July 5 to demand that Law No. 25/2007 on Capital Investment be revoked.

March 2007

News/Indonesia – March 23, 2007

Muhammad Nur Hayid, Jakarta – The ratification of the Draft Law on Capital Investment by the House of Representatives (DPR) is drawing opposition. The Poor People’s Network (JRM) opposes what they call a new form of colonialism and are urging the DPR not to ratify the draft into law.

News/Indonesia – March 13, 2007

Muchus Budi R., Solo – Scores of people demonstrated at the Gladag roundabout in the Central Java city of Solo on March 13 opposing the ratification of the Draft Law on Capital Investment because it fails to side with the interests of the people.