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November 2011

Kompas – November 26, 2011

Man: Don’t be envious! What’s wrong with being rich, living in luxury, what’s important is it’s intended for the people!

Kid: Yeah but which people Mr? I’m one of the ordinary people, but you’re certainly not!

October 2011

Kompas – October 1, 2011

Man: As I once said: they’re what you’d call a kindergarten, some like to be bribed, some like to quarrel, others like to get angry!

September 2011

Kompas – September 14, 2011

Woman: Watch out Mr! Don’t get sleepy!

Man: Isn’t it the same everywhere if you sit in “chairs” with air-conditioning, you always get sleepy, right Mrs...

April 2011

Kompas – April 2, 2011

Man: A new and luxurious building, which we do indeed need to show that... our nation is rich... our people are affluent and prosperous!

February 2011

Kompas – February 26, 2011

Kid: Buruk rupah, cermin dibelah – an Indonesian proverb meaning “Blaming the wrong reason. Looking for a scapegoat”.