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August 2017

Kompas – August 16, 2017

The House of Representatives’ budget committee is claiming ignorance over an alleged plan to increase the House’s budget allocation and use some of it to construct a new building.

July 2017

Kompas – July 8, 2017

Kid: Mr... The anti-terrorism law, the child protection law... where are they?

Lawmaker: ‘The answer my friend is blowing in the wind’ (tag reads ‘right of inquiry’, shirts read ‘Radicalism’ and ‘Pedophilia’.

April 2017

Kompas – April 8, 2017

Kid: DePeDe... what’s that Dad?

Man: I don’t know!

Chairs read MA(FIA), a play on the initials MA (Supreme Court), and DPD but with the wording changed to read ‘Council of Performing Clowns’.

Kompas – April 6, 2017

From an op-ed piece titled The Future of the DPD on an intensifying power struggle within the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) over the leadership of the institution.

March 2017

Kompas – March 4, 2017

Kid: Endless comparative studies... when will they smarten up Dad? (document reads Draft Election Law)