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December 2014

Kompas – December 15, 2014

From an op-ed piece titled Democracy in tatters at parliament.

November 2014

Kompas – November 29, 2014

Man: Consensus?

Kompas – November 22, 2014

Man: Success! Comedy drama round one

Kid: You mean they’ll be a second round Dad?

Kompas – November 8, 2014

Lawmaker: Who says we’re getting paid for doing nothing! I’m working don’t you know!

October 2014

Kompas – October 8, 2014

Package, package, package... Bag reads paket sembako (basic goods package)

May 2014

Kompas – May 19, 2014

Lawmakers, whose terms will end in October, are making sure that the whopping US$26 million budgeted by the House in 2013 for overseas junkets doesn’t go to waste, with three groups of lawmakers visiting New Zealand in April and May to conduct so-called ‘comparative studies’ to gather information related to legislation (one group will visit the