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December 2010

Kompas – December 30, 2010

Jakarta – The House of Representatives (DPR) for the period 2009-2014 has been deliberating a packet of three political laws, namely Law Number 22/2007 on Election Organisers, Law Number 2/2008 on

Kompas – December 24, 2010

M Hernowo and Anita Yossihara – The Joint Secretariat (Setgab) of political parties supporting the administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Kompas – December 11, 2010

Man: A monarchy? No way!

Kid: How right you are lord

Man: It’s not in accordance with the constitution!

Kid: It’s truly so your majesty

Kompas – December 1, 2010

Government: It’s impossible to have a monarchy system

Man: What’s this, another ‘eruption’

October 2010

Kompas – October 11, 2010

Jakarta – The mechanism of checks and balances that should be carried out by the House of Representatives (DPR) over the government is progressively disappearing.

August 2010

Kompas – August 12, 2010

Jakarta – Concerns that if the parliamentary threshold is increased it will impact on the number of valid votes that are wasted may be excessive because it will actually reduce the number of valid

June 2010

Kompas – June 30, 2010

Man: His conscious is in there... (arm band reads candidate regional head)

Kompas – June 28, 2010

Toto Suryaningtyas – Efforts by certain politicians to pull the military back into the political arena has tended to receive little public agreement.

Kompas – June 23, 2010

Ever the opportunist, at its national congress on June 16-20 the Islamic based Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS) – known for its anti-US stance – announced it was seeking stronger links with the U

Kompas – June 14, 2010

Jakarta – The widespread use of political image projection, including in the recent elections of regional heads, is further driving up the cost of competing in elections.