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December 2013

Kompas – December 11, 2013

Man: Ahh, all that’s changed is the year and they’ve gotten older...

Caleg: It’s also changed my fortunes!

Kompas – December 4, 2013

Man: Please, go ahead Mr...

November 2013

Kompas – November 6, 2013

Man: Look out Mr!

September 2013

Kompas – September 21, 2013

Kid: For the convention test: Tempeh made from peanut and soybean residue... they’re fond of that right Mr?

August 2013

Kompas – August 31, 2013

Man: Authentic soya sauce yeah Mr? (bottle reads ‘The No 1 Authentic Soya Sauce’, badge reads ‘Presidential Candidate’)

Kid: But soybeans are scarce and expensive!

July 2013

Kompas – July 31, 2013

Man: His smile helps wash away...

Kompas – July 25, 2013

Jakarta – More than half of voters are confused about the current political situation.

Kompas – July 13, 2013

Mirror reads Conscience of the People, badge reads Presidential Candidate, can reads BALSEM.

June 2013

Kompas – June 26, 2013

Jakarta – The political system in Indonesia is controlled by a capitalist oligarchy.

Kompas – June 14, 2013

Next year’s legislative election is unlikely to yield any improvement in the quality of lawmakers since political parties have selected candidates based on popularity rather than ability, with an I