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August 2011

Kompas – August 5, 2011

Jakarta – The political elite in this country should use the holy fasting month of Ramadan as a moment for introspection and evaluation, to ask whether their policies side with the ordinary people

May 2011

Kompas – May 29, 2011

Jakarta – The number of floating voters is tending to increase.

Kompas – May 25, 2011

Jakarta – The tales of the New Order regime’s successes, which are being used as a selling point for the Golkar Party, are misleading.

Kompas – May 14, 2011

M Hernowo – Case of human rights violations that took place around the time of the fall of the New Order regime have still not been fully resolved.

Kompas – May 2, 2011

Yohan Wahyu – If we look at the still sidelined state of workers and employees, the need to unite and organise oneself should be a big one.

April 2011

Detik.com – April 28, 2011

Indra Subagja, Jakarta – The National Republic Party (Partai Nasrep) has registered itself with the Department of Justice and Human Rights (Kemenkum HAM).

Kompas – April 24, 2011

Hendra A Setyawan, Jakarta – The discourse on the simplification of political parties such as by increasing the parliamentary threshold (the minimum number of votes required to obtain a seat in the

January 2011

Kompas – January 8, 2011

Exhaust: Bank Century, Lapindo disaster, racial, religious & ethnic conflicts, judicial & tax mafia, migrant workers, Yogyakarta gudeg, tiwul food poisoning.