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May 2019

CNN Indonesia – May 13, 2019

Jakarta – The Civil Society Coalition representing the families of the victims of the May 1998 tragedy is calling on the president elect not to include cronies and alleged perpetrators of gross hum

Tribune – May 13, 2019

Jakarta – The families of victims of the May 1998 riots in Jakarta have held a procession in which they scattered flowers and held joint prayers at the Klender Mall in East Jakarta on the morning o

Kompas – May 12, 2019

Devina Halim, Jakarta – Amnesty International (AI) Indonesia is urging the government to resolve the Trisakti tragedy through legal channels.

Detik News – May 12, 2019

Farih Maulana S, Jakarta – The Trisakti University has commemorated 21 years since the tragedy which took place on May 12, 1998.

March 2019

Indonesia – March 5, 2019

Oktaviani – The “sumpah pocong” challenge thrown up by Coordinating Minister for Security, Politics and Legal Affairs Wiranto to former Army Strategic Reserves Command (Green Berets) commander Majo

February 2019

CNN Indonesia – February 27, 2019

Jakarta – Former Army Strategic Reserves Command (Green Berets, Kostrad) chief of staff retired Major General Kivlan Zen has spoken out about a request for money from Wiranto in 1998.

CNN Indonesia – February 25, 2019

Jakarta – Military observer Khairul Fahmi from the Institute for Security and Strategic Studies (ISESS) says that the plan to place active TNI (Indonesian military) officers in strategic positions

July 2018

Indonesia – July 9, 2018

Lalu Rahadian – “I don’t agree. The Jokowi-JK vision, mission and program has been socialised since May 2014, how many years is it now?

May 2018

Kompas – May 23, 2018

T-shirt reads ‘Law, Corruption, Human Rights, Foreign Debt, Poverty’. Bag reads ‘TKI – Indonesian Migrant Worker’. Exercise machine reads ‘20 Years of Reformasi’.

Pembebasan Ternate – May 22, 2018

Ternate – The group 20 Years of Reformasi, Win Freedom, Equality and Prosperity Committee (Komitmen) held a campaign action commemorating 20 years of reformasi in front of the Gamalama Mar