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July 2018

News/Indonesia – July 9, 2018

Lalu Rahadian – “I don’t agree. The Jokowi-JK vision, mission and program has been socialised since May 2014, how many years is it now?

May 2018

Kompas – May 23, 2018

T-shirt reads ‘Law, Corruption, Human Rights, Foreign Debt, Poverty’. Bag reads ‘TKI – Indonesian Migrant Worker’. Exercise machine reads ‘20 Years of Reformasi’.

Pembebasan Ternate – May 22, 2018

Ternate – The group 20 Years of Reformasi, Win Freedom, Equality and Prosperity Committee (Komitmen) held a campaign action commemorating 20 years of reformasi in front of the Gamalama Mar

Ekspresi Online – May 21, 2018

Rofi Ali Majid – The education system has failed to realise the ideals of reformasi – the reform movement that began with the overthrow of former president Suharto in 1998.

KOMITMEN – May 1, 2018

20 years of reformasi: A reminder of the need to win what has yet to be achieved by reformasi – freedom, equality and prosperity.

January 2018

Tribune Jogya – January 15, 2018

Yogya – Activists commemorating 44 years since the Malari Affair on January 15 again reminded people that many of the demands and hopes of that time have yet to be realised.