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June 2020

trimuktiwijaya – June 13, 2020

Judge: We sentence you to 12 years in prison and a fine.

Defendant: But I didn’t mean to do it.

Judge: Yeah okay then, one year in prison.

Son Of Dadang – June 12, 2020

Prosecutors demanded Friday that two police officers – Chief Brigadier Ronny Bugis and Brigadier Rahmat Kadir – be given one-year prison terms for their involvement in a 2017 attack on senior Corru

May 2020

May 15, 2020

Left image: “Indonesia? Whatever! Do whatever you like”

Right image: Stupid trumps Covid

April 2020

Kompas – April 8, 2020

Doctor: Focus first on the Covid-19 pandemic House!

March 2020

Kompas – March 2, 2020

From an op-ed piece titled The Obesity of the ‘Omnibus Laws’ Government Regulations

February 2020

KomikFaktap – February 23, 2020

An Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) commissioner has apologized for claiming that women could get pregnant from swimming in the same pool as men.

Kompas – February 19, 2020

Man: Mr, my data will be safe won’t it? (speech bubble above house reads ‘Yes, census online successful’)

Kompas – February 11, 2020

From an op-ed piece titled Social Media Paradox.

Kompas – February 4, 2020

From an op-ed piece titled Focus on Investment Growth

January 2020

Kompas – January 24, 2020

From an oped piece titled Annual floods.