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May 2022

Jakarta Post – May 18, 2022

[From a Jakarta Post editorial titled "Don't repeat mistakes".]

March 2022

Jakarta Post – March 7, 2022

From a Jakarta Post editorial titled Dangerous subversive minds behind talks to delay elections.

Cartoons/West Papua
Tabloid JUBI – March 4, 2022

From an article by Tabloid JUBI titled Throughout 2021, Papua experiences 12 internet disturbance.

February 2022

Jakarta Post – February 14, 2022

From an editorial in the Jakarta Post titled A glimpse of a police state.

Cartoons/Indonesia – February 11, 2022

From an article by titled Preside

January 2022

Cartoons/Indonesia – January 9, 2022

From a an article by titled Maj

Cartoons/Indonesia – January 7, 2022

From an article titled Corruption by regional leaders like tip of the iceberg phenomena.

Kompas – January 5, 2022

Kid: Hey, how come they're free to travel Mum?

Women: Hush kid, they say they're on official business! (Cloud reads Comparative Study)

December 2021

Kompas – December 22, 2021

Sign reads "Arrivals terminal".

Writing next to healthcare worker reads "Hope for the best, prepare for the worse!".

Cartoons/Indonesia – December 7, 2021

From an oped article titled Aji Mumpung: Allowances, official vehicles, electoral funds, grab it while you can!